Introduction to the backend#

The backend is essentially just an account server. It handles user accounts, syncing, and other account related features.

I recommend using the sudo-backend!


The backend exposes an endpoint for Prometheus metrics which allows you to keep track of the backend more easily, it can be accessed on /metrics. To view these metrics properly, you'll need to use an analytics program like Grafana, which can visualize logs from Prometheus.


Optionally, there are a few security settings:

  • Recaptcha support, the server can verify Recaptcha v3 tokens on register and login.
  • Ratelimits, some expensive endpoints have ratelimits, but only when enabled. This requires an additional redis connection.


Migrations help keep your database schema in sync with everyone else. To run migrations, you can use the pnpm migration:up command inside the docker container or in your command-line if you're not using docker.

Alternatively, you can enable the postgres.migrateOnBoot variable and it will be automatically migrated on boot.