Introduction to the client#

The client is what users sees when navigating to your domain, it's the main part of the application and houses the interface and all of the scraping logic.

Progressive Web App#

The client can be optionally ran as a PWA, which allows it to be installed on a mobile device. This can be hard to do correctly and really hard if not almost impossible to reverse, so it's generally not recommended to do so if you don't have experience hosting PWAs. If you understand the risks and still want to continue, then read more about it here.


The client features various configuration options, some of which are required for the client to function. If you are using Vercel to host the client, then the required variables are a necessary part of creating the site, if you're using another host, or hosting it for yourself, you'll need to set them up yourself.

You can view all of the configuration options on the configurations page.