Browser extension#

The sudo-flix browser extension greatly enhances streaming quality and video availability, meaning it will be easier and faster than ever to watch high quality media right in your browser.


  • High-Quality Streams: The extension is made to offer the highest quality streams, with resolutions up to 4K and 1080p. So that users can enjoy their content in the best quality available.

  • Variety of Content: The extension provides a wide range of content to cater to diverse user preferences. This includes shows, movies and even some anime.

  • User-Friendly Interface: The extension is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and enable.

Installation Guide#

Select one of the following methods to install the extension. Ensure that you download the files compatible with your browser. Please be aware that Google Chrome may block CRX files from sources outside the Chrome Web Store. If this occurs, consider an alternative installation method.

Loading a CRX file#

Download the CRX file here.

Sometimes your browser may block downloading or installing CRX file from outside the Chrome Web Store. If so, download the ZIP file instead.

Go to your extensions page by typing the corresponding URL into your browser from the table below.

Microsoft Edgeedge://extensions
Google Chromechrome://extensions
Mozilla Firefoxabout:addons

Enable Developer mode, watch this video if you have trouble.

Drag and drop the downloaded extension CRX file into the Extensions page.

When prompted, click Add extension to install the extension.

Loading a ZIP file#

Download and unpack the ZIP file from here.

Head to your browser's extensions page (see table above).

Enable Developer mode toggle.

Click the Load unpacked button.

Select the folder with the unpacked extension ZIP file from step 1.