Version 2.1.3#

  • Upgrade nitro, which fixes issues on AWS lambda

Version 2.1.2#

  • Block more headers, be more anonymous (only works on non-cloudflare platforms)
  • Add package version to route / for debugging purposes
  • Add REQ_DEBUG=true variable to allow for logging all requests made.
  • Remove old console.log

Version 2.1.1#

  • Fix support for JWT on non-Cloudflare platforms
  • Fix header copying logic so User-Agent, Referer and Origin work properly
  • Upgrade h3

Version 2.1.0#

Version 2.0.1#

  • Bugfix where sometimes body would double read
  • Bugfix where sometimes no response would be given at all due to race condition

Version 2.0.0#

  • Full rewrite, now supports multiple platforms: nodejs, Cloudflare, AWS lambda
  • Standard proxy headers are no longer sent through. Which now doesn't send a client ip through anymore.