About Self-hosting PWA#

So that clients can have a more native app-like experience on mobile, sudo-flix has a function to support Progressive Web Apps (PWA). You can learn more about what a PWA is here.

In sudo-flix version 3, PWAs were enabled by default. Unfortunately, PWAs tend to come with caching complications that can be tricky to resolve. That's why we have disabled PWAs by default in sudo-flix version 4. If you are upgrading from version 3, please read our upgrade guide for more information.

Enabling PWAs means that you cannot disable it again - Please only proceed if you know what you are doing!

If you are running sudo-flix on a hosting platform such as Vercel#

If your hosting is building sudo-flix from the source, you can enable PWAs using the VITE_PWA_ENABLED environment variable.

Setting VITE_PWA_ENABLED to true will generate a service worker file and a web app manifest which enable the website to be installed from a web browser both on Desktop and on Mobile.

If you are running sudo-flix using the .zip files#

If you are downloading the sudo-flix zip files from our GitHub and installing them on a static website host, then all you need to do is to make sure to download the file instead of the file!