There is always a possibility for something to go wrong while trying to deploy your own instance of sudo-flix. This page will contain common issues people have come across while self-hosting and their solutions.

"Failed to find media, try again!" while searching#

This is likely a misconfigured TMDB API key. To verify that TMDB is the issue, visit /admin or /#/admin and click on the Test TMDB button.

If the test succeeds, then your TMDB configuration is correct and the issue is with something else.

If the test fails, then you should recheck your credentials. Make sure you're using the Read Access Token, not the normal API Key.

Everything I try to watch fails#

This is likely a misconfigured Worker. To make sure that the Workers are the issue, visit /admin or /#/admin, then click on the Test workers button.

You should have at least 1 Worker registered, if you don't, you should deploy a worker and set it up in the client.

If any Worker fails the test, you should double check its URL and see if its up to date with the latest updates.

I can't make an account or login#

This is likely misconfigured or broken backend. To verify that the backend is the issue, visit /admin or /#/admin, then click on the Test backend button.

If the backend is online and properly configured it should display the name and version of the backend. If the name and description of the test don't match your own instance, make sure you have your backend URL set correctly.

If the test gives you an error, your backend URL configuration option likely has a typo.

If the version that shows up on your backend is not the latest version, you should update your backend to keep up with the latest changes.

I updated from version 3 to version 4 but I still see the old version#

It is likely that you haven't installed the PWA version of sudo-flix. Please read the upgrade guide for more details on the matter.

I'm getting SSL issues when using a hosted postgres database#

You are most likely missing the postgres.ssl variable on your backend, enable it and the connection should work.

Permission denied to set parameter "session_replication_role"#

Set the MIKRO_ORM_MIGRATIONS_DISABLE_FOREIGN_KEYS option to false in either your .env or your Docker command.