How to self-host#

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Since sudo-flix has many different components, there are a few configurations of how you can host it. Each of these configurations has their own benefits, whether that be having complete control over your data or customizing your experience. If you don't know what to choose, go with method 1.

Method 1 - Only host the frontend#

With this method, you only host the essential parts that make sudo-flix work. But keep using the account server from official sudo-flix. This method is the easiest to self-host and is recommended for most users.

  1. Set up the Proxy!
  2. Set up the Client!

Method 2 - Only host the account server#

If you want to own your own data, it's possible to self-host just the account server and nothing else. This method is only recommended if you have experience hosting databases or other similar stateful applications.

  1. Set up the Backend!
  2. Configure the Client!

Method 3 - Host everything#

If you want an instance that's completely isolated from the official sudo-flix. You can self-host all of the parts yourself, though this method is not recommended for inexperienced hosters.

  1. Set up the Proxy!
  2. Set up the Backend!
  3. Set up the Client!